PG Diploma (Dietetic Practice In Canada)

OFFERED BY IE Dietitians Network of Canada


The Internationally Trained Dietitians Network of Canada is a group for registered dietitians, international dietitians, and dietitian students in Canada and overseas. IEDNC was created to assist dietitians with international training who are moving to Canada or who are already there to further their careers in dietetics.

Through the registration process, we offer education, mentorship, support, networking, and direction. Our objective entails working with internationally trained dietitians to mentor and encourage prospective international dietitians as well as registered dietitians, putting them in a strong position to have fulfilling career pathways in Canada.

This will be accomplished by educating and developing reliable alliances with the aid of a sizable dietitian network.

Teaching and Learning

Students will come from a range of backgrounds, often with considerable experience of working with older people, and the programme will apply the principle of Adult Learning to the Teaching Timetable, Learning Methods, and Forms of Assessment.

Students are encouraged to build on their experience, to take responsibility for their own learning and take active participation in all aspects of the course.

A range of different methods are used including Lectures; Tutor–led Seminars, Self – directed studies, etc.


Semester 1 - Introduction to Dietetic Practice in Canada (16 weeks)
  1. Understanding dietetic competencies
  2. Dietetic Practice in Canada
  3. Counselling Styles and Strategies
  4. Basics of Research Writing
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Evidence Based Practice
  7. Nutrition during Life span
  8. Nutrition during Pregnancy
  9. Vitamins and Minerals
  10. Biochemistry
  11. Microbiology
  12. Anatomy
Semester 2 - Nutrition Care (16 weeks)
  1. Nutrition Care Process and Interpreting Lab Results
  2. Therapeutic Nutrition Part 1: Cardiovascular Diseases, Hepatobiliary Disorders
  3. Therapeutic Nutrition Part 2: NeoplastIc diseases, Energy and Body Weight
  4. Therapeutic Nutrition part 3: Pancreatic Disorders, Renal Disorders
  5. Therapeutic Nutrition Part 4: Malnutrition, Neurological disorders
  6. Nutrition Care Process
  7. Enteral Nutrition
  8. Parenteral Nutrition
  9. Clinical Placement for 2-4 weeks
  10. Practice Case Studies
Semester 3 - Population and Public Health (16 weeks)
  1. Overview of the Health care system
  2. Social determinants of health, Population health approach
  3. Understanding your client population and community
  4. Program Planning
  5. Situational Assessment
  6. Food Insecurity
  7. Practice Case Studies
  8. Placement for 2-4 weeks
Semester 4 - Food Service Management (16 weeks)
  1. Systems Approach, menu planning
  2. Fundamentals of Food service management- theories and tools
  3. Purchasing, receiving, storage, food production, distribution, safety
  4. Food preservation, packaging, sensory evaluation
  5. Food Labelling
  6. Leadership
  7. Planning and Decision
  8. Organization and Time management
  9. Communication, methods and channels
  10. Human Resources
  11. Financial management
  12. Quality Management
  13. Marketing
  14. Placement for 2-4 weeks
  15. Practice Case studies
PG Diploma (Dietetic Practice In Canada)

PG Diploma (Dietetic Practice In Canada)


40 Credits

64 Weeks

Assessment is continuous e.g. Essays and Project work and dissertation.

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